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BG1/EE Walkthroughs
A lot of walkthroughs for BG1 have been written over the years.  We'll list as many as we can find on this page.  If you'd like to submit one that we've overlooked please do so on our Give Us Feedback! page or here.    
BG1/Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
Game Banshee - Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough 
Ackadia - Baldur's Gate Walkthrough
Baldur's Gate Walkthough by Al Giovetti
Dan Simspon's Game FAQs Baldur's Gate Walkthrough 
Dudleyville - BG1 Walkthrough
Unofficial BGEE Manual
Lisa Shea's Baldur's Gate Walkthrough
Game Banshee - Baldur's Gate Walkthrough
Gaming Haven - Baldur's Gate Walkthrough by Cybermouse
IGN - Baldur's Gate Guide by Steven Carter
Mike's RPG Center - BG1 Walkthrough
Neoseeker BG1 Walkthrough by Nathan Garvin
NPC Guide to BGEE by kamster99
Sorcerers Place  - BG1 Walkthroughs & Guides
Volothamp's Comeuppance - A Comprehensive, Spoiler-Free Guide to Baldur's Gate


Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Playing Cleric/Ranger by bg2mez

(see also here for the BG2EE walkthrough with same character)